Melissa Anelli

Melissa Anelli


Hello! I’m Melissa Anelli, an author, entrepreneur, podcaster, webmaster, activist, and general mischief-maker.

But mostly, I’m a geek. I get into things — really, really into things. Everything I do circles around creating digital and real-world spaces for people to enjoy the things they love. I don’t just want people to engage with the culture that lights them up: I want them to be empowered by it. I also want that culture to reflect their values and backgrounds, and work to make sure we keep moving the needle toward that equality. I believe the simple act of enjoying yourself and engaging with culture can change the world.

This site is still being converted from a template, so please bear with me as I fix it all up!

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Because of my history with online stalking (read more here), the best way to contact me is actually through social media: this offers me more safety than general e-mail. Tweet at me or send me a Facebook message; it may be screened but it will get through. Or, just feel free to follow me in any of the below ways!